6 Month Bumpdate

How is it possible that I’m already writing my 6th month bumpdate?! The time is honestly flying by so quickly.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was still dealing with pretty regular morning sickness, however I have not gotten sick in two weeks (insert praise break here). I don’t have any real food aversions anymore, and i still don’t have any consistent cravings, but when I do get one, it’s basically all I can think about lol.

Evelyn is about 13 inches long and a pound and a half. She is SO active!! It’s so much fun feeling her move- it makes everything so much more real! She’s a little stubborn (guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree lol) in that if Jon-Paul puts his hand on my belly to feel her move, she immediately stops kicking. Her kicks have been big enough that I can see them, but as soon as I hit record on my phone, she stops. Like i said, stubborn!

I spend a lot of time wondering what she will look like and what her personality will be like. It’s just so crazy that there is an actual human being growing in me!

We have started prepping for her arrival by buying diapers and wipes at each grocery store visit, and have finalized the registry for my shower! Now that the holidays are over, my mom have gone into full blown planning mode.

Pregnancy has been so wild and full of so many things I didn’t expect, but I’m truly loving it. I cannot believe that in 4 short months, we will get to meet this sweet little girl!!



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